Lydia Sutherland Talks “Love Me”, Self Love Journey

Born and raised in Quebec, Lydia Sutherland has always been singing. Sutherland recalls starting singing lessons at the age of seven, at her grandparents urging. Artistically, Sutherland describes herself as someone that leans into pop melodies and writing while also preferring a more traditional country production style. Sutherland’s new single “Love Me” details her journey to find self love and acceptance and Sutherland’s looks to inspire others facing similar challenges.

Credit: Charles-William De Melo

Recently, we had the chance to chat with Lydia about her musical journey, style, and her new singing “Love Me”

Worlds Of Country: When did you know that you wanted to pursue music?

Lydia: It’s been there my whole life, I grew up in a musical family, so my grandparents are both musicians themselves. So I was introduced to country music at such a young age that I don’t even remember when it clicked. It’s just always been in my blood.

Worlds Of Country: So once you realized it was something you wanted to do, what was your first step towards making it a reality?

Lydia: I started singing lessons at like seven. I kept always wanting to perform for my grandparents, like, I kept wanting to put on shows. And they told my mom, like, literally just please sign her up for something. Like, it’s getting annoying. So my mom signed me up and right after that I started doing singing competitions around Quebec. So that was, I guess, the first step, just doing shows and just getting out there and. Yeah.

Worlds Of Country: So being from Quebec, were you more influenced by the Canadian music scene or the American?

Lydia: I’d have to say I grew up on like Shania Twain and Johnny Cash, so definitely American. But these days I’ve been listening to. A lot of Canadian music, I mean, like I feel like the biggest names that now are coming out of Canada, which is unreal. But yeah, I loved like I loved Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash and Shania Twain. So I guess I guess more the American scene.

Worlds Of Country: So how would you describe your own musical style?

Lydia: I lean towards Pop a lot, so I like to say Julia Michaels, Lennon, Stella, but with Carly Pierce, Maddie and Tae Production. So like super pop melodies with like super pop lyrics and then on a country base.

Worlds Of Country: So your your new single, “Love Me”, what’s sort of the story behind that song and how did that song come together?

Lydia: “Love Me” is like literally the story of my life. I mean, I’ve always had trouble with self-love and confidence. And just over this past year, I met a guy and around him, I, I guess I let my walls down, but without even noticing, like, it just happened naturally. And like I noticed around him, I wasn’t worried about how I looked or like what he thought of me because I knew he loved me the way I was. And if it wasn’t for, like some of my flaws, he probably wouldn’t have connected with me as much as he did.

Worlds Of Country: What would you say has been the biggest challenge in trying to make a career out of music?

Lydia: Hmm. I think it was finding the right sound just because I’ve been told my whole life it’s either pop or country and  I was finding it very hard to find the middle ground. But as soon as I met my producers, Spencer and Justin, they understood the sound right away. Like when I pitched them the idea of Lenine Stella on Maddie & Tae production, they were like, OK, we’ve never heard this before, but we totally get it. And as soon as I got in the studio, the sound was ten out of ten, like right off the bat. But like I’ve been writing for three years now and it’s like my first single just came out like a few a month ago. So I guess landing the sound, finding the right producers was the most challenging part. But once I got that, everything else just happened naturally.

Worlds Of Country: So what’s next for you?

Lydia: I already have another single lined up for this fall, but I’ll be back in Calgary to record in September, the next two songs. So we’re planning an EP right now and I write a lot for others especially. So I’ve been doing a lot of that and yeah, just trying to keep it rolling I guess.

Worlds Of Country: So do you consider yourself a writer first and an artist second or the other way around.

Lydia: Well, that changed this past year because of covid and everything, like I didn’t really have a choice to to write, I guess, if I wanted to do. Yeah, if I wanted to be productive, I had to write. But yeah, this past year really opened up my eyes. Now I’m pursuing more of the writer route than the artist thing. I’m definitely always going to release music, but I consider myself a writer just because I’m very awkward and I hate having all eyes on me and it’s so weird. So being the artist just doesn’t just doesn’t go with that. But I just feel very myself when I write and when I hang with my friends and we write the best songs together.

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