Abi Rider Talks Women On The Radio, New Single

Singer-Songwriter Abi Rider didn’t listen to country music until she was in high school, but once she started Rider was taken by the deep lyrical content the genre often enjoys. However, there was once issue that would continually gnaw at Rider, which was the fact that country radio airplay is nearly 90% male, leaving Rider searching for voices like hers. Rider tells Worlds Of Country “the issue of representation is a big one for me. I couldn’t really get into country music until I started connecting with other female artists”. Rider hopes that she can do her part to help change the industry for the better but notes that she’s “not here to disrupt” country music just to make it more representative of her personal experience.

While Rider always had dreams of a musical future she was ready to let the dream die after high school. That all changed when Rider received an acceptance letter from NYU’s Clive Davis Institute Of Recorded Music. Clive was always Rider’s number choice and being accepted was a dream come true. When you listen to Abi Rider you hear an artist quickly growing in confidence and unafraid to experiment with her sound and style. Rider notes that “all of my songs kind of take on a different genre” and that uniqueness is what sets Rider apart from her peers.

Rider’s latest single “NY-100” is a beautifully written ode to a state road. Throughout the song Rider reminisces about all of the incredible memories she’s made driving up and down the highway. As for how the idea for this song hit Rider, she tells Worlds Of Country that she used to “go on long drives on NY-100 and listen to albums and then one time I was driving and Siri came on and said turn left on NY-100 and I just sat there and thought for a minute. So I guess the idea came from Siri”. As for what’s next, Rider plans on continuing to release new music every “6 to 8 weeks” and that while she hasn’t yet picked out her next single she tells Worlds Of Country “there are two songs that I really like and then there’s a chorus that I wrote last week that I love so we’ll see. All I know is that I’m really excited to keep putting music out there”

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