Weekend Roundup July 11th

The weekend roundup is back after another incredible week of releases!

Stronger, Cody Johnson– Ripe with incredible imagery and metaphors , Cody Johnson stuns once again with “Stronger”. A beautiful love song, “Stronger” is an ode to Johnson’s wife and the tremendous, yet silent strength she possesses. When people see them together they think Cody is the strong when in his mind she’s “like a lighthouse standing in the path of a mad hurricane”. The song is simply beautiful in every aspect and Johnson’s voice sounds incredible to boot.

Truth About You, Mitchell Tenpenny- “Truth About You” is my favorite Mitchell Tenpenny song to date. This sure to be hit is one of the best breakup songs I’ve heard in a long time. Tenpenny focuses on the aftermath of the breakup and the fact that his ex is running around town spreading rumors about him, all the while Tenpenny is silently holding onto the truth so as not to ruin her reputation. However, at certain point Tenpenny knows he’d have to get his side of the story out there so he pleads with her, saying “if you quit telling lies about me I won’t tell the truth about you”.

Homeless, Matt Gorman- For Matt Gorman, home isn’t a roof over his head instead it’s a feeling. On this beautiful song Gorman describes the feeling of homelessness that would descend upon him should him and his girlfriend ever break up. My favorite part of this song is the bridge, in which Gorman uses the image of a homeless man holding up a sign reminiscent of The Script’s “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved”. This is song is incredibly well written and Gorman’s gravely, longing voice pushes this song to another level.

Try Missing You, Jon Langston- Sticking with the theme of beautiful love song, Jon Langston’s “Try Missing You” is one of my favorite releases of this week. Langston is caught out on the road and missing his wife at home. Langston is barely hanging on and tells her that if she’s missing him she should “try missing you”, meaning that as much as she may miss him, he misses her so much more. The understated production allows Langston’s voice to shine throughout and leaves listeners hooked on every word.

How To Live (EP), SJ McDonald- Cementing her spot as one of the next generations biggest stars, SJ McDonald amazes throughout her debut EP. Sonically the EP ranges from traditional country to rock and closes with a beautiful bluegrass moment with “Apple”. McDonald is unafraid to experiment with her sound and the result is an artist ready to ready to leave a lasting mark on the industry. My favorite moment on the EP is the title track on which McDonald reminisces about all the lessons her father taught her before lamenting the lesson he forgot to teach, “How To Live” without him.

Pity Party, Morgan Johnston- Your sassy summer breakup anthem has arrived. Morgan Johnson ain’t throwing your typical party. Johnston isn’t gonna sit in the house and mope about her ex instead she’s going out and living her best life without him. Unaffected by eh opinion of others Johnston embraces freedom throughout this sass heavy track.

Zero Trucks, Alana Springsteen- Another summer breakup anthem. On “Zero Trucks”, Alana Springsteen simply does not care what her ex and his new girl are up to. Springsteen doesn’t even dread the thought of potentially running into them in her small town. “Zero Trucks” is a lot sassier than anything Springsteen has put before and I think it really works with her voice sounding incredible throughout the song.

Damsel In This Dress, Gray Robinson- A tremendous play on the concept of the damsel in distress, Gray Robinson’s “Damsel In This Dress” is three minutes of pure heartbreak with a little twist. Robinson is sitting in what she describes as a “stupid restaurant” waiting on a date that never shows and when he doesn’t show she is caught sitting there like “a damsel in this dress”. However, in the last chorus Robinson comes to the realization that she looks “damn good in this dress” and regardless of whether or not her date showed no one can take that away from her. Robinson is someone that burst onto my radar with her last great single, “Happy” and “Damsel In This Dress” is even better.

Who Needs You, Jordan Rowe feat. Ashland Craft- Jordan Rowe is another artist that has caught my eye recently, and his new single “Who Needs You” is my favorite song of his yet. On “Who Needs You”, Rowe tries to run away and delude himself to the fact that he needs his girlfriend before coming to the realization that he really does need her. While, he may have an initially thought he could live without her he can longer envision his life without her in it with him.

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