“This Is The First Time I’ve Felt Like A Sony Artist” Drew Green Talks Record Deal, “The Rest Of Our Lives”, Hitting The Road

Growing up on a Middle Tennessee tree farm, Drew Green always had musical aspirations. However, following college Green decided to take the safe route graduating with a finance degree and proceeding to take “a job in a bank”. Green tells Worlds Of Country that even though he had divorced himself from his musical dream, “it wouldn’t let me go”. So, Green would drive to Broadway after work and play any gig he could find. Finally, at the age of 24 Green decided music is all he wanted to be doing and the rest is history.

When you listen to a Drew Green song you know exactly who you’re listening to. Green credits influences from “Kid Rock to Dr. Dre” as formative in cultivating the unique sound sure to leave its mark on country music. Green’s latest song, “The Rest Of Our Lives” is a great example of this unique style, which features country lyricism mixed with a progressive production reaching fans from across the musical spectrum.

When talking to Worlds Of Country about the “Rest Of Our Lives”, Green recalls that this was “the first song I ever wrote in LA”, and that he has been sitting on this song for a couple of years unsure whether he should release it. After writing the song Green immediately sent it over to his wife who told him “it’s a hit!!”. Green, himself wasn’t sure telling Worlds Of Country that “it felt like I already wrote this song” which Green notes isn’t that unusual given that he writes nearly “300 songs a year”. Fast forward to 2021, Green decided to post a clip of “The Rest Of Our Lives” on tiktok and the reception was overwhelming. Green notes that he posted it “for Valentine’s Day” and felt he had to release the song after the incredibly positive feedback. While Green was initially reluctant to embrace the new social media giant he now boasts north of 100 thousand followers on the platform and he “can’t wait to see them all out on the road”. 

As for what’s next, Green tells Worlds Of Country that while new music is always buzzing he’s most excited to get back out the road, stating that “I’ve been signed to a record deal for a year and a half but this is the first time I’ve felt like a Sony artist”.

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