Weekend Roundup June 27th

The weekend roundup is back after another incredible week of releases from around country music.

Rest Of My Life, Parker McCollum- If heartbreak was a song this would be it, Throughout the song a heartbroken McCollum is reeling in a depressive state. McCollum paints a joyless picture of a man sitting around the house wondering how he let his love his slip away. As always McCollum’s voice is able to tell this tale of longing in a way that few others can.

Sunshine State Of Mind, Brian Kelley (LP)– The debut solo album from FGL’s Brian Kelley is a smashing success in my mind. The album showcases and spotlights instruments in a way few other projects have recently, and the album creates a beachy feel perfect for summer, My favorite moments on the album are the fun “Beach Cowboy” and the sweet, romantic “Boat Names”.

The But I’m Not Always Sad Either Ep, Robyn Ottolini- Robyn Ottolini continues to push and expand the boundaries of country music. The entire project puts a fresh spin on country music and Ottolini’s incredible storytelling ability shines throughout. Ottolini’s willingness to take risks, whether sonically or lyrically has set her apart from others trying to make their mark in the industry. My favorite moment on the EP is “Hold Me Back” in which Ottolini needs her friends to stop her from going after her friend’s boyfriend who treats her badly and “holds her back” from reaching her potential.

Already Drank That Beer, Ashley Cooke– A song of the year contender in my mind, “Already Drank That Beer” is dripping with palpable heartbreak sure to bring listeners back to a time they were in a similar situation. The song features Cooke debating whether or not to give her relationship another go, before coming to the sad conclusion that they have “Already Drank That Beer” and there is sadly nothing to go back to. Cooke’s voice sells the tearful sadness and leaves listeners hanging onto every last word.

Tennessee/Learn From It, Conner Smith- If you are not familiar with the name Conner Smith you will surely be soon enough. With a sound that can best be described as Morgan Wallen meets Sam Hunt, Smith seems destined to become on of the industry’s next big stars and if these two songs are any indication it won’t be long before he reaches superstardom.

Tennessee, the first of the two songs Smith released Friday focuses on Smith wanting to learns everything about the girl he’s dating. Smith wants this girl to feel comfortable enough to tell him everything and show him who she really is and not be afraid let her “Tennessee come out” of the cage it’s been locked in.

Learn From It, the other of the two sons Smith released on Friday is definitely one of my favorite songs of the year. “Learn From It” focuses on the dumb mistakes we all make regardless of are age and how it is our job to learn from these mistakes in order to grow. Smith’s voice and storytelling shines on both of these songs and I can’t to hear more!

Girl Who Didn’t Care, Tenille Townes- Tenille Townes is searching for her younger, more blissful self of “Girl Who Didn’t Care” Coated in a theme of escapism Townes wants to free herself from the pressures of everyday life and rediscover her inner child that has been absent far too long. As always Townes unique voice is one that hooks listeners and coupled with the deeply meaningful lyrics “Girl Who Didn’t Care” is sure to be a hit.

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