Patrick Carpenter Searches For Himself On “Chasing Me”

We all have our ways of coping following a breakup. For many, coping mechanisms include drinking, finding a rebound, or other forms of debauchery, searching for whatever it takes to get over their ex. However, in the case of Patrick Carpenter getting over his lost love meant finding himself and the title track of his new record “Chasing Me” vividly details Carpenter’s journey to chase himself instead of others. The album, which debuted number 1 on ITunes features 17 songs and each of them Carpenter’s unique sound shines through giving listeners something to hold onto throughout the record.

Recently, we had the chance to chat with Patrick about his musical journey, influences and the new record!

Worlds Of Country: Did you always know that music was the path you wanted to pursue with your life?

Patrick: Oh yeah, I think for me, when I was 11, that’s when I began playing guitar and I was already a pretty creative kid. I didn’t really know what my niche was yet. And then when I began to do that, that was kind of the pathway into music. I kind of always envisioned myself being here, but I think overall I kind of wanted to use whatever platform I could.

Worlds Of Country: Once you realized music was what you wanted to do what was your first towards making it a reality?

Patrick: So my first set for me was I finished high school in three years. I was 16 when I finished high school and I came to Nashville and I found out I was too young to be here. So I went back home and went to Mississippi State for about a year and a half or so. Then transferred to Lipscomb here. And I haven’t looked back. I kind of knew, you know. Nashville is the home to more than just country music, but I kind of knew I needed to be here, there’s just way too many opportunities for so many here, not just country, but rock and pop and for so much stuff. And I just kind of knew this was the first base. And I got here. I kind of hit the ground running. I was playing guitar for about two or three different acts for a few years. And then I kind of branched out and doing the two or three years ago now,.

Worlds Of Country: What was that experience like as a 16 year old Nashville?

Patrick: Well, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I had no clue how this business actually works. People kind of have this idea of, oh, you’re going to go to Nashville, you’re going to find the record deal, you’re going to do all of the stuff. But when you get here, you kind of realize that it really isn’t that black and white. There’s so many other avenues and success is a very subjective word. And so for me, it was just kind of like smack in the face of, OK, it’s nothing like they said it would be. And that’s not a bad thing. And so I just kind of realized also I needed a couple more years of, working on my craft, not just as a guitar player, as a songwriter and as a singer and a stage presence and all of that stuff, too.

Worlds Of Country: How did you get to the point where you’re like, I’m ready to go back?

Patrick: I was at Mississippi State and I was raised with the Egg Bowl in my hand, and I love that school more than anything, but I knew I wasn’t chasing who I wanted to be. I was in Starkville, Mississippi, which if you’ve ever been there, there is not much there. There’s a Wal-Mart and there’s the University. But I just knew for me, I wasn’t chasing what I had to. I just wasn’t chasing my passions. And so I knew it was time to take the job here. After I got here, after my junior year of college was when I finally kind of began to play guitar and kind of just at least get to like Broadway and get downtown and play whatever I could. After doing that for about a year and a half, I was like, OK, I think I’m ready to start doing so here we are.

Worlds Of Country: Who would you describe your your musical style?

Patrick: I’m super weird in the sense of I love country music, but I love so much other stuff. Also, my dad was big on like Eric Clapton and ZZ Top. Mom was into all the 90s country and all of that. I would love to say I was raised on what you think and Willie and those guys, but I really wasn’t. I was kind of raised on literally everything. And so I think for me, especially as a guitar player, there’s so many influences that I’ve had and I kind of see all those influences coming at different times. But I think overall how I describe it, it’s like a Brad Paisley, Keith Urban mix. You know, you’ve got this guy who’s very guitar centric and but he’s also going to write songs that I think hopefully will be reflective of who I am as a person and can kind of become the soundtrack to people’s lives. I think as a songwriter, that’s kind of your main job. And so it’s some kind of like two thousand five hundred three mix. Yeah.

Worlds Of Country: So from your album, Chasing Me, what was the inspiration? How did that happen?

Patrick: Oh, I’ve always joked that everything good in my life is that in my complete accident, it kind of came about during quarantine. I had nothing else to do. I was writing constantly and I had recorded a couple of songs before the shutdown happened last year. And I found myself saying ,I don’t want to waste a year of my life and not do anything. And so I began going into the studio every couple of months. And the next thing I knew, I had eight songs, nine songs, 12 songs, and it was like some kind of a second album. And I couldn’t gig, so I’ve kind of been sitting on it for about six or seven months now. But the idea for the name “Chasing Me”, so there’s a song called that and the song is about a relationship that I had where things didn’t go as planned. And I ran into her again, just a lot of history. And I kind of realized after leaving that that I kind of stopped running to her and I began to chase me. And what I’m saying is I stopped putting her first. I stop putting myself last. And I think with this record compared to the first one, I’m being more who I want to be. I think with the first one, I was chasing more trends at the time and kind of trying to fit into what everyone else was doing. But I wasn’t doing what I wanted to be doing. And so this record to me feels so much more like those, Kenny Chesney albums, Brad Paisley albums, Tim McGraw kind of leaving a lot of the kind of pop country thing that’s been happening and kind of chasing the version of myself that I left my home town for. So, yeah, a super cheesy answer, but it’s just the truth.

Worlds Of Country: So how did you sort of get to that place where you were more comfortable in your own skin to tell your story?

Patrick: Oh, that’s a good question, because I think I don’t think I am yet. But I think this is a step. I think we can all say that there’s been a moment in your life where you lose your job or your relationships where you’re doing something you survive that you don’t want to be. And a piece of me said, OK, let’s say like. I noticed when I got questions for the first album, about my influences, when I sat back and I said all those influences that I listened to, the first record, I could not hear those. And so I was like, OK, maybe that’s because you’re not there yet. And so with this one, I was very conscientious about being the person that I want to be. I think I can hear my influences in this album so much more than the first one. And so I don’t know if I am comfortable in that because I don’t know if we all, like, ever will be. But I do think it’s a step in the right direction. I think Matthew McConaughey said that his hero is himself 10 years from now when he reaches those 10 years. His hero was then himself 10 years later. And he said that when he won his Oscar and a lot of folks thought he was kind of probably just crazy when I was like, no, I get that because you’re always chasing your better self and you will not get that, but you’re always constantly chasing it. And I always thought that was such a great quote.

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