“Old School But With A Fresh Twist” Tyler Booth Talks “Beautiful Outlaw”, Musical Style

For as long as he can remember, Tyler Booth has always been surrounded by music.While tagging along to his father’s rock band practice sessions, a young Tyler would sneak off and start experimenting with whatever instruments he could find, particularly the tuba. At the age of 10 Booth says he “started writing songs” and would record himself with voice memos, Booth cracked that while he didn’t realize it at the time he was “making worktapes as a 10 year old”. With his father in a rock band, country music may have seemed an odd match for Tyler, who explains that he always found himself listening to and drawing inspiration from country music greats, and describes Keith Whitley as “a big inspiration”.

After graduating from high school, Booth’s next stop was the music program at Morehead State University, which Booth describes as a “great program”. While at Morehead State, Booth received a call from legendary songwriter, Phil O’Donnell. Booth jumped at this phone call, which he says was his “first call from a 615 number”. Within weeks of his talk with O’Donnell, Booth was trekking back and forth to Nashville, working on his debut project, which Booth released independently before being signed by Sony Nashville.

Musically, Booth describes his style as “old school but with a fresh twist”. Booth’s latest single, “Beautiful Outlaw” is a great example of this style with Booth’s low voice drawing listeners into this fun, almost western sounding song. Booth recalls that this song came together when he was playing a show in Lexington, Kentucky. Booth saw a beautiful girl in the crowd and thought to himself, “man! I’d love to talk to her but by the time the show was over and I looked around she was already gone”. Booth laments this missed opportunity throughout “Beautiful Outlaw” and wonders what might’ve been had he been able to talk to her after the show.

As for future plans, Booth has lots of new music ready to go; whether that is more single or a future EP remains to be seen. Booth is really excited for the future as there are “a few songs we’re really excited to put out there!”

For now be sure to check out “Beautiful Outlaw” wherever you listen to music.

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