Weekend Roundup June 13th

The weekend roundup is back after another great week of incredible releases mainly from some of Nashville’s brightest up and coming stars.

Love, Kylie (EP), Kylie Morgan- Kylie Morgan, burst onto the scene early last year with breakout streaming hit “Break Things”, since then Morgan’s star has only continued to rise. On “Love, Kylie”, Morgan’s unique voice is front and center giving the EP an unmistakable sound. Morgan shines throughout the EP, with my favorite moment on the project being the uptempo, boot stomping, “I Only Date Cowboys”.


‘Til You Can’t/ Longer Than She Did, Cody Johnson- Cody Johnson continues to be the perfect package of Texas meets Nashville. On these two new tracks Johnson’s deep voice takes center stage and tells these two stories in a way few others can. “‘Til You Can’t” is a sentimental track about valuing life while alive and not waiting to do things until it’s too late. While, “Longer Than She Did”  is a heartbreaker in the truest sense, Johnson slyly ponders that his broken heart will stick around longer than his ex did.


Take It Easy, Nick Wayne- On “Take It Easy”, Nick Wayne is scared that the flame of love will come back around to burn him. Wayne is so enthralled with this girl that he can’t get her off his mind and hopes and pleads that his love for her is reciprocated and not a one way street. An incredibly well written and catchy hook, “Take It Easy” is a song I’ll have in heavy rotation for a long time!


Joyride, Carter Faith- Carter Faith is getting lost in love and in life on “Joyride”. The themes of escapism and living life to the fullest are present throughout this summer jam. Faith’s already trademark lyricism is present throughout this song painting a dreamy picture of a summertime dream. With “Joyride” Faith has fully cemented herself as an artist whose star is destined to really blow up!


Bad Summer, Karissa Ella- Sticking to the theme of getting lost in the summer , Ella simply wants to get lost in summer festivities. Ella wonders what could possibly be bad about this amazing time of year, and she can’t seem to find a reason. The production combined with Ella’s powerful vocal make this song one to turn up throughout the summer months.


Big Fish, Kaylin Roberson- Get off your high horse! “Big Fish” serves as a warning shot to all of Nashville’s new artists looking to achieve instant success based solely on their hometown reputation . Throughout the song, Roberson cleverly explains that no matter how big of a star you think you are, it simply doesn’t matter around here, and that if you’re not willing to put in the work, your hometown reputation will always be the only thing you can cling to. Roberson let’s her inner redneck shine on this song which she dubs “left of center” from the rest of her repertoire. “Big Fish” is another song I’ll have in heavy rotation this summer!


Dig Yourself, Tigirlily- Another “Get off your high horse!” anthem, “Dig Yourself” features the sisters of Tigirlily calling out a guy that thinks he’s the greatest. This song is dripping with sassy lyrics and super relatable to everyone that’s dated someone that thinks they’re the best and that the world revolves around them. Tigirlily is another artist that will be a ton of fun to watch in the coming years.


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