Unapologetically Himself, Josh Gallagher Leans Into Unique Style With New Single Brightside

While music has always been a vital part of his life, for “The Voice” alum Josh Gallagher making a career out of music was not a thought that crossed his mind until his college days. While, playing baseball in college Gallagher reevaluated where he saw himself going in life, picked up a guitar and the rest history. Following a long run on “The Voice”, Gallagher and his trademark authenticity are back in Nashville ready to carve out a unique corner in the Music City. Gallagher is ready to ascend to the industry’s top by simply being who he’s always been.

Recently we had the chance to chat with Josh about his unique journey, musical style and his latest single “Bright Side”.

Josh: Well, I mean, I’m a huge church fan, so he’s trying my number one, you know, but, you know, I grew up I grew up listening to Toby Keith and Dwight Yoakam because of my dad. And my dad was a big Toby Keith fan, and my mom loved Rascal Flatts. I grew up listening to those guys, too. I’m a huge Eric Church fan because he’s not afraid to be himself, and neither am I. My fans know who I am, that some of my best friends and people that have met me at meet and greets and and all that kind of stuff will tell you the same thing that I’m just a little bit different. I don’t really try to vibe with what everybody else is doing, the whole trends this year and that whatever I could care less about that, you know, do do me and do it unapologetically. And some people might not like that, but more people will like it than the people that won’t watch it. You know,

Worlds Of Country: it’s better than trying to be something you’re not

Yeah, exactly. That’s what I mean. Like not to be be yourself unapologetically. And if that means you you swear a lot or you drink a bunch of Bud Light or play shows too loud and blow your ears out and make your fans ears bleed and stuff like that, then and do that, you know, just be authentic. Just be yourself when you do it. And if that’s not you, cool, whatever the version of yourself of that is, then do that and be yourself. You know,

Worlds Of Country: did you always know that music was the path you wanted to take?

Josh: No, I didn’t. To be honest with you, I so I started playing guitar when I was 10, my parents got a guitar for me because I wanted one. So I started started to teach myself how to play. And and I always did it as a hobby. You know, I just kind of always loved music. My mom my mom always says whenever I was a baby, I was like, I could sing before I could talk, which is impossible, obviously. But but now she would always say I was singing before I was talking. So I’ve always had, like a musical thing in me. I guess I just never really saw it as a career choice because I played I played baseball and football in high school and sports growing up. And then I went to I went to college to play baseball and play ball for two years and realized that, you know, you got to have good grades to play collegiate sports and that I did not have I just like to party and play baseball. So so I ended up dropping out of school and, you know, moving back in with my parents and, you know, all the while still playing my guitar and singing and singing in the dorms and, you know, the baseball house and my apartment that I lived in at the time I was going to school, just kind of a hobby thing that that eventually turned into whenever I dropped out of school, moved in with my parents again.knew that I was good enough to hold a tune and play some songs and stuff. So I was like, screw it. Maybe let’s let’s try to play out some shows again, because I was always in, like, really shitty middle school, high school, garage band, rock band, you know, all that phase that you go through. And so we would always play shows and my parents would always come out and we were terrible. But like, we had fun doing it. And my parents and all of our other family members and everybody else’s band members in the band supported us and. So I used to play shows out when I was younger, so I want to move back, I was like, well, let’s let’s give it a shot. So I put a big old setlist together and played acoustic. My first show was at the Sokol’s and Lilly after I moved back, Lily, Pennsylvania, after I moved back to my parents and and it was cool. I had a good time. I made it through the show barely. And from then on out it was just like every every weekend I was playing every Friday and Saturday. And then everything’s like every show started to get bigger and bigger and bigger and gaining more fans. And the crowds kept getting bigger and. It was kind of that point that I realized about two years of doing that around around home and like little tri county area, about two years of doing that, I was like, man, I can probably I wonder if I could give this a shot. So it was like I was I was doing my full time job. I was driving a forklift, and then I was playing music on the weekends. And then eventually I said I said, screw it. It wasn’t even my idea to move down to Nashville. Actually, it was it was a couple of buddies, a man and a bunch of fans and stuff back home that they were like, you know what, you’re you’re too good to be playing around here and stay around here and play for the rest of your life. They were like, you need to try to move to Nashville. And I was like, no, I brushed it off. At first. I was like, now small. But then eventually I thought about it and I was like, it’s good. I mean, give it a shot, you know, I mean, I’m good enough at it right now. If I go down there and give it a shot, hopefully I’m just going to continue to get better. And if I go down there and give it a shot and I don’t make it, then I’ll at least know that I tried. Yeah. Yeah, for sure.

Worlds Of Country: So when you went out for The Voice, you were already living in Nashville at that point?

Josh: Yeah, I was already here. So it was it was twenty sixteen was season 11 of the voice that I was on. And then I moved my wife and I moved here in 2014, so we were here for two years.

Worlds Of Country: So what was the voice experience like and what did you learn from that experience.

Josh: And it was awesome. It was a blast out there. The whole the whole show was filmed out in L.A. and it was good. It was great. And it was awesome. I get that question asked a lot when I do interviews and talk to different people. And even fans will come up after shows or a meet and greet lines or whatever, always ask that same question and it’s the same thing every single time. It was awesome. I had a blast out. There was it was the people were great. Everybody from production to the crew to craft services, to everybody who was running the show from the littlest person to the big wig executive producers, they were all great. I don’t have one bad thing to say about it. It was a lot of fun. I drank a lot of beer. I had a good time while I was there. I met a lot of great people, a bunch of people I still talk to.

. First of all, just lucky enough to be on the show in the first place and then to make it the whole. The finale on that season really kind of opened my eyes to. That’s whe I realized that that Icould actually really do this. So it was great. I learned a lot from that show. I learned how to sing way better than I did whenever I went on the show. The vocal coaches out there just they taught me so much and I learned a lot from them. And I learned a lot about, you know, performing to a live audience. Also, I did that for two years ish, year and a half before I went onto the voice, you know, from playing down the Broadway gigs and the honky tonks downtown International. So that helped me out. But I learned a lot more, you know, from as far as like performance aspect, from being on the show that and I learned how to get comfortable with stepping out of my comfort zone. And also, that’s one thing Adam did with me whenever whenever he stole me in the knockout rounds because I was on Team Blake and then I got stolen by Adam and finished with him. That’s one thing that I did learn from Adam, was he he really taught me how to be comfortable in stepping out of my comfort zone and exploring different. Ways to sing or different sounds are different this or that or whatever. So I definitely learned a lot and I think it shows I definitely came out better than I was when I went on the show for sure. Yeah. So that sounds like a very positive experience for sure. Yeah. I mean, it was great. I love it. Like, I would definitely do it. I would do it again just for the experience. Probably not for like the. Probably not for like I wouldn’t do it again for like the competition part of it or whatever, like like let’s let somebody else do that. I just want to go back out there and hang out like it was fun.

Worlds Of Country: Can you tell us the story behind your new single Bright Side?

Josh: It’s an idea that fell out of the sky when we writing one day. And obviously I wrote the song about my wife and. And, you know, you hear guys say a lot of the time, especially like especially guys like, you know, a group of dudes and their buddies and, you know, you come up, strung up and they got a little where’s your other eye? Where’s the better half, you know, like that kind of stuff. But it’s true, though, you know, typically typically the wives are the better half of the husbands, you know, because we’re we’re a bunch of beer drinking barbarians and and our wives or wives or the the glowing nice side of us, you know, they definitely make us look way better than than we actually are. So that’s kind of a little bit of the background to to the song. But this song, Brassai kind of came out of nowhere, though. So when we went in to write that day, I remember what day it was, but I was like, I think I came into the room like 10 minutes late. I showed up a little bit late and they already had some stuff that they were working on, but I walked in and we were just throwing around some ideas off the wall and nothing was sticking. And then Dan actually started playing that guitar part, that eerie, weird, ominous guitar part that you hear in the in the hallway through the song, especially the beginning. It starts it. And I looked at him and I was like, I don’t know. I was like, I don’t know what that is. I was like, but keep it. We’re going to write something to that. I have no clue what it is yet, but we’re going to write it. And I just like I was so like enthralled by how dark and weird and ominous and creepy it was because I didn’t like at that point I didn’t have anything quite like that that sounded different like that. Now my stuff, my music definitely sounds there’s a unique sound to it. And you can definitely tell that if you hear a song by me and then you hear another one, you probably go, Oh, that sounds like a lot like Josh Gallagher. So we definitely have our own sound. But with this song, I think we’re elevating that even more. We’re exploring a different, different realm of music that we haven’t got into yet. And so, like I said, Dan started playing the lick and that was just so excited for lack of a better term that that that was so cool. And I just kept saying something about dark, like it was just so dark and cool and I can’t remember who it was. But one of the other writers said something about Bright Side. They just threw the title out there. And once again, I was like, oh, I was like, that’s awesome. I love that title. Like, I don’t know how to get there yet. I don’t know what it means yet, but we’ll figure it out. So we started tossing around different ideas and and angles and all that stuff and then eventually might have been me. I can’t even remember this. Right. This right literally happened so fast. I can’t remember exactly who said what, but. Let’s just for for for lack of memory, let’s just say John Caldwell said it, but he was like, what if we wrote a song called Bright Side? But we wrote it about. You know, we wrote it about your girlfriend or your wife, and I was like, oh, I love that. So then we just kind of started throwing around ideas and a few more a few more ideas to really got our brains wrapped around it. And then we were like, all right, so if we’re going to write this. I think I said this, but I said, if we’re going to write this, I want to write it, I don’t want to write it like every other person or writer would write it. I want to use very, you know, use analogies to get across the point that that this woman is my better half my bright side. So that’s when we started throwing out, like, you know, like like a minor mountain deep needs a way out, you know, like the gray of the rain grows the roses. There’s always there’s always a good that comes from a bad not necessarily saying that I’m a bad person, but, we have our dark sides. Everybody does, so I just wanted to make it I wanted to use all those analogies to make it really cool. And the fact that we don’t say anything about a girl until we get into the chorus is great to me is exactly how I wanted to write it. So that’s kind of how the song came to life. It’s one of those songs where it was kind of like it was kind of just dropped in the room that day. I don’t know how, but like when a song comes into the room that day and you just get it right off the bat, typically end up writing that song because if you pass on it, someone else is going to write it and then you’re going to go, well, shit, damn it, I sure wish I wrote that. And that’s kind of how it happened. And so we started getting on this song and we we wrote it in like an hour and a half. We wrote it so fast, it’s only for four fallen verses and a four line, four line chorus and it’s simple, it’s great, absolutely love it. But we wrote it like an hour and a half. And after we got down, we were like, wow, that’s a very good song. There’s one where, like, we still at times we were like, well, let’s start on another. Once we started on another song, we got to that.

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