Weekend Roundup April 18th

The weekend roundup is back after another week of incredible releases from some of the industry’s top artists and quickest rising stars.

*There will be a separate review of ALL of the new Eric Church music forthcoming!

Country Again, Thomas Rhett- The aptly titled track shows a side of Rhett that’s rarely been seen over the past few years. Throughout the track Rhett expresses his appreciation for life’s simple pleasures that he’s long overlooked. While Rhett doesn’t lament that time he’s spent in LA, he’s more than happy to be “Country Again”. I cannot wait to hear the rest of this project due out April 30th.

BK’s Wave Pack, Brian Kelley- It’s summer,baby! A project that will have everyone craving a trip to the beach. “BK’s Wave Pack” is an extremely well executed and focused debut project and one that is a ton of fun to listen to. The instrumentation throughout the project is beautiful and really easy on the ears,and how can you not end up singing along to “Beach Cowboy”?

Plans, Halle Kearns- Speaking of summer, this song is one that will make you want to get up  and dance. Featuring a bright and airy production that allows Kearns’ voice to shine, “Plans” is a song centered around a girl with a fear of commitment who suddenly meets a guy that makes all of those fears wash away. Kearns sings about never planning more than a day in advance yet with this guy she is ready to plan out every detail of their future together.

All The Same To Me, Matt Jordan- On “All The Same To Me”, Matt Jordan is fed up with the reasons given for breakups. Jordan explains that regardless of her reasoning for ending their relationship his hurt will be the same, and even if she were to let him down easy he’d still be stuck living life without her. Jordan’s raspy voice works so well on this song and keeps listeners hooked throughout.

Something About Airports, Charlie Berry- One of those songs that reminds me why I love country music so much, “Something About Airports” is a simple yet beautiful concept for a song. The song details all of the possibilities and heartbreak that we often associated with airports and is one that will keep listeners hooked on every word. Charlie Berry is someone that has really burst onto my radar with this song and his last single “Everything But Love”.

Broken Heart, Stephanie Ryann- On “Broken Heart” Ryann sings of the pain of a broken heart. Ryann tells the story of acting tough on the outside while breaking inside and how she can’t seem to let go of this guy that broke her heart. Ryann laments the fact that she keeps falling into situations that leave her broken hearted and with the need to put herself back together. Ryann’s voice is absolutely stunning throughout this heartbreaker.

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