Celsey Braddock Looks To Spread Message Of Authenticity And Help Others Through Her Music

For Celsey Braddock music has always been the dream. From a young age Braddock found herself singing to express her emotions and emulate her heroes. Following a brief flirtation with the idea of going to dental school, Braddock recruited herself to her musical dream. Braddock, now 22, is ready to bare her heart and tell the stories behind her life.

Growing up in a single parent home,Braddock has dealt with her fair share of troubles in life, yet she remains eternally grateful for all of life’s blessings. For Braddock, anxiety and genuity are the root of a lot of her music. While initially she found it “difficult and scary” to open up about something so personal, she wants her music to help others through their struggles telling us that “if I can help someone get through something this is all worth it”. While on stage, Braddock reveals that she used to suffer from a stage fright but feels that she’s been able to wash it away through prayer and surrounding herself with a group of people that love and support he, which Braddock describes as “vitally important”

While a teenager Braddock released music under the alter ego, Celsey Marie, Braddock describes the “Celsey Marie Era” as very pop country, and not really who she is anymore. In 2020 Braddock felt ready to start releasing under her name, and describes her debut EP “Boulevard” as a sampling and introduction to what the “Celsey Braddock sound” is. Braddock fuses rock and country influences throughout the EP, and tells us that her next project is one that she would classify as “essentially southern rock”, and one that she is very proud to share. Braddock feels that she has taken the time to discover herself as an artist and even more importantly as a person and she is now ready to start showing the world exactly who that is.

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