Brought Together By Shared Love Of Music Water Tower Looks To Burst Onto The Scene

Blending a wide variety of influences, Country-Folk trio Water Tower has burst onto the scene and is ready to make their name known nationwide and beyond. Brought together by a common love of music and shared experiences the trio feel that they are on the cusp of something special with an album due out soon!

Recently, we had the chance to chat with the trio about everything from meeting to forming a band, and to what fans can expect from the upcoming album.

How did you guys meet and when did you realize that you’d work well together?

We met through playing music on the road.  There is a big network of musicians here in LA who enjoy playing all the time, so Water Tower likes to tap into that resource to create more and more music.  We all have the common love of music and friendship, so we combined the two.

You have a very unique sound who influenced it?

Thank you! Our sound is influenced directly by Bill Monroe, Old Crow Medicine Show, and Rancid.

Did all of you always know music was what you wanted to pursue?

Yes, for each of us, there is a deep calling and we have been learning to answer this call since we were little chitlins.

What can we expect to hear on the upcoming album?

The next album will be a snapshot of the time period that we are in and we can expect to hear a lot of personal growth.  That will be another year though because right now we are releasing “Fly Around” in the UK!  The album officially comes out in the UK in may!  We are also working on getting it out on vinyl!

Which song on the project means the most to you?

The song “Fly Abound” means the most to me because it represents the idea that we are still alive and well as a band, even though we nearly almost all died in our addiction. I am referring to myself and some of the past members of the band.  We are on the 29th bass player if that helps to explain how many people have played with us hehe…

Have you been able to connect with fans and build a fanbase without the benefit of shows?

Yes! Even more so than EVER before! Social media has given us the power to find out who likes our music, and what they are willing to do about it, which is a whole new ball-game for musicians like us… we NEVER wanted to use social media and always believed that it would die soon. We changed our mind during this period and our whole lives have changed with that !

What are some challenges associated with being independent artists these days?

The challenges are that we need to learn the business side of the industry until we can afford to hire someone.  It honestly has been a fun challenge and has caused a lot of spiritual growth for the band. 

What are your plans for after the album?

After the album we are going to hit the road and the studio! Late August is looking like a tour for the Tower 😉

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