Weekend Roundup March 14th

The weekend roundup is back after yet another week filled with incredible from some of the industry’s stars and up and coming artists.

Need To Not, Jordan Davis- A song about trying to fight the urge to go see you ex, on “Need To Not” brilliantly paints the picture of this all too familiar scene. From both a lyrical and production standpoint “Need To Not” is one of my favorite Jordan Davis songs to date.

Between The Clouds (EP), Joey Hendricks- An incredibly real project filled with lust, love and nostalgia, “Between The Clouds” is easily one of my favorite projects of the year. Picking just one favorite song on the EP is a daunting task but if I was forced to, I would probably go with the uber relatable “Going Home”, but you really cannot go wrong with any of the songs on here.

One More Night In Des Moines, SJ McDonald- She’s bringing back cheating songs! On “One More Night In Des Moines”, McDonald tells the captivating tale of a mistress and a man who is  preparing to leave back home to his wife. The mistress pleads with the man to please stay just one more night with her in Des Moines. Mcdonald is able to convey the emotion behind the song beautifully and more than anything this song shows McDonald to be one of the next generations great storytellers. 

I Didn’t Love You, Josh Kerr- Josh Kerr putting out another song that feels way too relatable to me, shocking I know. “I Didn;t Love You” features Kerr retelling the story of his relationship with his ex and his understanding that there are many aspects of the downfall of their relationship for which he is responsible but he urges her to not go so far as to say that he never loved her. This song is another in the line of stunning heartbreakers that Kerr has put out.

In Denial, Amanda Cooksey- The imagery in this song is simply spectacular. Cooksey sings of escaping the heartbreak following a breakup in a physical setting known as denial. Cooksey paints denial as a beachy sounding place and the production matches that feeling throughout the song. The concept of this song is simply so clever.

You’da Fallen Too, Elliot Duke- A spectacularly beautiful love song, “You’da Fallen Too” works as a love song from Duke to his girlfriend. My favorite part of the song is at the end of the chorus when Duke explains to her that she was so captivating that she would’ve fallen for herself too, even though she was nursing a broken heart when they met. The instrumentation throughout helps drive the story and this is a song that stands out amongst all of this week’s great releases.

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