Shaped By Military Experience, Derek Jones Preps For Next Chapter

For Derek Jones, Country Music is rooted in authenticity and true honesty. Shaped by his time in the military, Jones is now ready to tell the next chapter of his story, with his upcoming project “Last Of A Dying Breed”, which Jones describes as his most honest yet.

Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with Derek about everything from his early music influences, to his time in the military to what listeners expect to hear on “Last Of A Dying Breed”.

Worlds Of Country: Who would you call your biggest musical influences?

Derek: I would say the Alman Brothers are by far my favorite band and a huge influence on me. Jamey Johnson, from the songwriting aspect. Then, newer guys like Jason Isbell. I like guys that write about real life stuff as opposed to just jacked up trucks and 4 wheeling and that’s why I’ve always loved the Alman Brothers, they were always telling a story and their songs have meaning. I like when you can almost see a song.

Worlds Of Country: Judging by that list it sounds like you were drawn to music by the songwriting aspect as opposed to performance?

Derek: For sure! Absolutely! And in terms of performance, I mentioned Jamey Johnson, when I saw him live and performed with him, he was one the most captivating guys I’ve ever watched, even when it was just him and an acoustic guitar, he has a way to draw you in and while you listen you can almost see a visual in your head of the song.

Worlds Of Country: When did you realize that music was what you wanted to pursue?

Derek: When I was a kid growing up I always said either a football player or a rock n roll star. I wanted to be a drummer. But, when I got out of the military I picked up a guitar for the first time when I was around 23. I taught myself how to play and started building a following around Indiana and realized that I should give this a shot.

Worlds Of Country: Do you feel that your time in the military has shaped your music in any way?

Derek: I don’t know that it has shaped my music. However, it did shape me as a person and made me who I am today and has given the ability to write what I write.

Worlds Of Country: Living outside of Nashville how do you feel your style differs from what comes out of Nashville?

Derek: My style of music would’ve fit in at Texas a little more, there’s a little bit of red dirt. I try to write about truth and experiences. There are some incredible songwriters in Nashville but I just felt like my style never really fit in there.

Worlds Of Country: What can you tell us about your upcoming project “Last Of A Dying Breed”?

Derek: I really feel like this is one of my better projects. It’s completely different than anything I’ve put out before. With this project, it’s a little more dark and about hard times. There are songs about addiction and drugs and overcoming those things. Each song is completely different but at the end of the day they all match together.

Worlds Of Country: Do you feel that this is your most personal project yet?

Derek: Yeah, I do. Everything I write is about personal experiences, I try to be an open book. My fans know my kids’ names. That’s my way of saying thank you to my fans for putting food on my table so I say here’s my table!

Be sure to check out Derek’s new project when it comes out this Friday. You can presvave it here!

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