Weekend Roundup March 7th

The weekend roundup is back after another week of incredible releases from some of the industry’s biggest stars along with standout releases from some of the brightest up and coming artists.

Want It Again/Growing Up- Thomas Rhett– Two really impressive tracks from Rhett that show incredible artistic growth and a more stripped back production style that allows the tremendous songwriting on these two tracks to truly shine. Rhett also announced that these tracks will be a part of his upcoming project “Country Again (Side A)” due out next month. If these songs are any indication I cannot wait to hear the rest of this project.

In His Arms- Jack Ingram, Miranda Lambert, Jon Randall- Very few modern day mainstream artists have been willing to take the chances that Miranda Lambert has, and “In His Arms” is another one that absolutely paid off. The stripped back style with just a guitar and Lambert’s vocal is simply stunning and a must listen.

Cowgirl Blues- Midland– Funky yet lovely, Midland never fails to entertain. “Cowgirl Blues” is an incredibly well written track set over a production track that sounds like a 2 step, and vocally this song is so enjoyable to listen to.

I’m Getting Older- Nick Wayne– A stunning song about maturity, “I’m Getting Older” details the story of Wayne growing up to the point of turning 31, and being okay with everything the comes with getting older. Wayne is more than satisfied with getting older and the lessons he’s learned on his way here.

Your Man- John King– A beautiful love song that features King listing all of things that he is and does and concluding with him telling a girl that he is most proud to be “your man”. King’s voice shines throughout this lovely, hooky track.

Happy-Gray Robinson– “Happy” is clever and mature take on a post breakup song. On “Happy”, Robinson tells the story of running into her ex after years of hating him and realizing that the hate she once felt had subsided and now she is genuinely happy that he moved on and vice versa. Robinson’s vocal on this track is tremendous taking this song to the next level.

Everything but Love- Charlie Berry– “Everything but Love” tells the tale of an unrequited love, in which the man is madly in love with this girl yet she does reciprocate these feelings. The wordplay is fantastic as Berry explains that she was in everything he saw and dreamed but for her she was in “everything but love”. The heartbreak is strong and relatable on this great song.

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