Weekend Roundup February 14th

The Weekend Roundup is back after a another truly outstanding week of releases especially from some of the industry’s brightest up and coming artists.

Chasing After You, Ryan Hurd, Maren Morris (Brinley Addington, Jerry Flowers) – An incredibly beautiful song about the thrill of the push and pull of a relationship. This song focuses on the chase of a relationship and how in this case the chase leads Hurd and Morris falling deeper in love. The vocals from the two are stellar throughout this thoroughly impressive song.

How Far Can It Go, Hailey Whitters feat. Trisha Yearwood (Hailey Whitters, Hillary Lindsey, Nicolle Galyon)- Hailey Whitters is bringing the 90’s back one song at a time and doing an incredible job at that. “How Far Can It Go” tells the story of young summer love and the constant questioning of how long is this gonna last that inevitably comes from everyone.

If This Is The End, Josh Kerr, Shelby Darall (Josh Kerr, Megan Redmond, Shelby Darall)- An emotional song about the moment where two people in a relationship realize it’s over, “If This Is The End” is a plea to spend just one more night of bliss before calling it quits. The voices of Kerr and Darall work incredibly well together to tell the hyper relatable story.

We Wouldn’t Be Us, Alexandra Kay (Alexandra Kay, Matt Wynn) – Talk about a vocal powerhouse! On “We Wouldn’t Be Us” Kay recounts the history of her relationship with her now fiancé, Kay’s voice is stunning throughout this beautiful love song filled with plenty of detail and imagery.

Time On You, Matt Gorman (Kaylin Roberson, Matt Gorman, Ross Ellis, William Garrett)- “Time On You” is a song about Gorman learning to slow down and spend time with his girlfriend, despite the rush he’s been in his whole life. Gorman acknowledges his life in the “fast line” lifestyle has led to him getting hurt and his heartbroken and he is now ready to move on and focus on what really matters. Gorman’s raspy vocal adds a layer of emotion to this incredibly written song.

A Man needs A Woman, Nick Wayne (Andrew Pruis, Nick Wayne)- Stick with the theme of love songs, “A Man Needs A Woman” is the second in the series of love songs from Nick Wayne to his fiancé Hannah Ellis. In this song Wayne sings about all the lessons he’s learned since falling in love with her and how his mindset has shifted from believing he was better alone to realizing that he is better with her.

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