James Dupré Strives For Growth On Home And Away

Searching for artistic growth and authenticity is a journey that every artist embarks upon. Fresh off the release of his third album, Home and Away, Voice alum, James Dupré is ready to share the truth and tell stories in a way he has not done before. Dupré feels he’s learned many valuable lessons over the years and this album is just the beginning of his growth.

Recently, I had the chance to talk with James about everything from his new album, to staring beside Randy Travis in the movie, The Price.

Worlds Of Country: How do you feel your latest album Home And Away differs from the previous albums you’ve released?

James: I think it’s the best reflection of myself so far in my life and my career. I wrote all but one song on the album, which is more than I did on my last two albums. I also had a lot more creative control than I did before, which has always been very important to me. 

Worlds Of Country : What was the process of putting out a record during these uncertain times? How did you make the decision that this was the right time for this record?

James: At the end of 2019, my manager and I had planned to start working on the album in early 2020. Once quarantine happened, things got pushed back a little, but we told ourselves we were moving forward as planned. It was a very tedious process in the studio, with each player laying their tracks down from their own home studios. My producer, Matt McClure, was directing from his own home studio. I was concerned at first, because I didn’t want the quality to suffer, but it came together so beautifully thanks to technology and hard work. 

Worlds Of Country: Have you found an effective way to connect with fans and reach new audiences without the benefit of touring?

James: One thing we wanted to focus on this time was streaming and social media, and there’s no better time to do that than during a quarantine. I’ve done some really great and fun virtual shows, and will continue to do those until it’s safe to tour again. I’m optimistic about the rest of 2021. 

Worlds Of Country :How was the experience of working with Randy Travis on the movie The Price?

James: It was amazing. It was the first time I had ever done any acting work. The first day on set, he brought out his guitar and showed me a song he had just finished writing. Here I am, super nervous to meet him, and he immediately breaks the ice by doing that. From then on, we gelled pretty good. He’s an accomplished actor and really had some great advice.

Worlds Of Country: How has your experience on The Voice shaped you as an artist?

James: I think I’m more dynamic as a performer and songwriter than I was before the show. Being around so many talented people from so many musical backgrounds, collaborating, rooting for each other. It really brings out the best in everyone, especially when you add some friendly competition. 

Worlds Of Country: How have you grown since your time on the show?

James: Since the show, I’ve put out two albums, along with a few radio singles from those albums. I’ve had many great opportunities and experiences, and feel like I’m learning more and more about who I am as an artist. 

Worlds Of Country: Is there a song on Home and Away that means a little bit extra to you?

James: Each song has its own story and reasons why it’s on the album, and when I’ve been asked this question in the past, I don’t always have the same answer. The one that comes to mind at the moment is “Painfully Pretty”. I wrote it with my Team Adam teammate Dustin Christensen, who I am a big fan of, and I tell him that every time I talk to him. I love the song, the story, the feel, the everything. 

Worlds Of Country: What’s the most important piece of advice you’ve received in your career?

James: Don’t ever record a song you hate, even if you’re being pressured to by other people. You’ll be the one having to sing it every time you get on stage, they won’t.

You can listen to James’ new album wherever you listen to music! And be sure to check it his brand new music video for the title track, Home and Away.

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