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Amy Jack Introduces Herself


Boasting a big voice and a classic country sound, Amy Jack is looking to carve a path in an industry that increasingly lacks the kind of old school, throwback sound that she possess. Amy even had the pleasure of having her debut record, Introducing Amy Jack produced by the great Merle Haggard. Amy’s album was one of the last projects Merle worked on, and Amy cherishes the opportunity tremendously. Recently we had the chance to speak with Amy about her debut record and the lessons she learned while working with Merle.

          Worlds Of Country: What was the inspiration behind your record, Introducing Amy Jack?

Amy It was actually Merle’s idea to put together the full length record. I thought about putting together an EP, but Merle was old school and albums had always been his life and what he was used to. So I decided to make the full length album and I’m very proud of it. It was a labor of love and I certainly never even expected to get to do this. 

               Worlds Of Country: How would you describe yourself as an artist? Your sound etc…

   Amy I was influenced heavily by Crystal Gayle, her elegance and smooth voice. I strive to keep my voice refined with a smoothness similar to Crystal’s. 

               Worlds Of Country :What has been the biggest obstacle promoting this record with everything that’s going on?

Amy Jack : To be honest, with so many people affected during this pandemic, it felt a little selfish to be celebrating this album. On the other hand, though, people have said that music and entertainment brings a light into their lives during a time like this, almost like an antidote. 

               Worlds Of Country: What was the song selection process like for this record and what makes each track unique to you and your sound?

   Amy Jack: There are 13 tracks and I tried to express a different theme throughout each track. Every song had a different purpose whether that was in “Got Lonely Too Early” which was written to show warmth and compassion for others or “Big Boy Up” the sassy sports track with a tongue in cheek message. I think those elements help make my music feel authentic to me and my career. 

              Worlds Of Country: Is there a song on the record that means a little bit extra to you?

 Amy Jack: Although I didn’t write it, Merle’s “My Favorite Memory” means so much to me and is just one of my favorite’s. I think it’s such a beautiful and timeless track that is just the quintessential country song

         Worlds Of Country: How did you get so fortunate to work with Merle?

Amy Jack: I got a call from Merle’s sound director who told me that Merle had built a studio and was eager to start making music and recording there. He asked if I wanted to record some music there and of course, I told him yes immediately. Merle was a restless soul and constantly wanted to be conquering another creative challenge. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to work with him on my debut album. 

              Worlds Of Country: What was the experience like working with Merle?

Amy Jack: It was such an incredible experience to work with him. Merle was the hardest working person I had ever met, besides my father. He took so much pride in the work that he did and I feel so blessed to have witnessed that first hand when we worked together. 

              Worlds Of Country: Is there a specific memory of Merle that means a lot to you?

Amy Jack: There’s so many to choose from, but the last time I saw him and we talked, he walked in with a grin on his face and said “I heard y’all have been recording” and then he winked at me. That’s a special one to me, since it was the last time I saw him before he passed. He was so authentic and loved to make people laugh, and he always knew just how to make you feel at ease. 

We are greatly anticipating what Amy has in store next, but for now be sure to check out her debut album and her brand new single A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats wherever you listen to music.

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