Weekend Roundup January 24th

The weekend roundup is back after another weekend of incredible releases, and a couple of big album announcements!

Neon Diamonds, Lainey Wilson (Lainey Wilson, Matt Rogers, Matthew McVaney)- Funky and spunky, “Neon Diamonds” is an example of the immense talent of Lainey Wilson. Lainey tells this drunken tale in a fun, witty way that draws listeners in and her vocal on it is simply fantastic. I am very excited to hear the rest of Lainey’s debut album which comes out next month.

Live In The Light, Lauren Davidson (Danny Davidson, Lauren Davidson)- A song about finding light and happiness amidst the darkness, “Live In The Light” is a call for people to lift each other up instead of tear each other down. Lauren is able to deliver a vocal as beautiful as the message.

Don’t Love A Girl, Dylan Brady (Claire Douglas, Dylan Brady, Michael Whitworth)- “Don’t Love A Girl” provides a mature, unique take on a love song. Throughout the song Brady relays the warning not to love a girl unless you are completely ready and capable to handle the tremendous benefits and responsibilities that go along with loving a girl.

Fresh, Brandon Ray (Brandon Ray, Christian Hale, Josh Byrd)- “Fresh” is a song about the new wounds of heartbreak and how it sometimes inhibits us from moving on and finding someone new. Ray is stuck with memories of his ex that he can’t seem to shake regardless of what he does in his attempt to do so.

Hollywood, Joey Hendricks (Daniel Ross, Joey Hendricks, Michael Whitworth)- A stunningly beautiful love song, in “Hollywood”, Hendricks professes that his feelings for his girlfriend are greater than any sight he’s had the great pleasure of seeing. The writing on this song is incredible and the imagery is top notch, which adds a tremendous amount of detail to this great song.

Not Afraid To Say Goodbye (Stripped), Emily Weisband (EP)– This acoustic, stripped version of Emily’s EP is a stunning display of top notch song writing and this version of the songs allows Emily’s tremendous voice to shine through and tell these stories in a beautiful way.

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