Weekend Roundup: New Music Reviews

Welcome to our new weekly instalment wherin we review some of the latest releases in country music. This week saw plenty of brand new, fresh country releases, and a few of these songs truly stood out.

Let’s get to it!

Fillin’ My Cup– Hailey Whitters feat. Little Big Town (Hailey Whitters, Hilary Lindsey, Nicolle Galyon)- What else can we possibly write about Hailey Whitters? Hailey was featured on our list of 10 Artists To Watch for this year, and was also named our New Artist Of The Year for last year. We’re glad to say that Hailey has quickly proved us right this year! Fillin’ My Cup is a song about finding happiness not in a bottle rather with the people around you that make you feel happy, and that constantly fill your cup. This song is standout as it features the superb songwriting that Whitters has become known for, and we’d also be remiss if we didn’t mention all of the fiddle and steel that drive throughout the song, making it such an enjoyable listen.

To Be Loved By You– Parker McCollum (Parker McCollum, Rhett Akins)- Add this song to the growing list of Parker McCollum songs filled with introspection and questioning. Much like, Pretty Heart, To Be Loved By You features McCollum staring down the end of a relationship, and wondering what he’s to do now. However, unlike in Pretty Heart, McCollum is searching for a way to remedy whatever misdeeds he may be guilty of, whereas in Pretty Heart while McCollum accepted his flaws he clearly outlines that it’s just the way he is, and change while needed, is unlikely.

Bucket List– Mitchell Tenpenny (Chris DeStefano, Laura Veltz, Mitchell Tenpenny)- Mitchel Tenpenny’s turn towards a more mature output that began with Broken Up is beautifully continued with Bucket List. Bucket List is a song abut living life’s most important moments to the fullest and finding joy in the big picture as opposed to getting bogged due by the small details that can distract us from soaking in all of life’s moments.

Town Home– Austin Burke (Austin Burke, Ava Suppelsa, Ian Christian)- Austin Burke finally released this long awaited fan favorite track and it was worth the wait. Town Home uses clever song writing and word play to tell the story of a homesick guy who warms up to his surroundings when he meets the girl of his dreams who ends up making “this town home”. Burke also provides a stellar vocal and the song is well produced as well.

Birthdays and New Years– Montana Modderman- Birthdays and New Years is a heartbreaking song from up and coming artist Montana Modderman. The song focuses on the aftermath of a breakup where you go from hearing from someone every day, to only on “Birthdays and New Years”. Montana’s clear and incredible tone coupled with the incisive songwriting makes this song a true heartbreaker.

One Day– Josh Melton (Brad Tursi, Josh Melton, Justin Ebach)- A feel good, seize the day anthem, One Day is a song about searching for the moments in life to make unforgettable memories. Instead of sitting around saying I’ll do it one day, the song takes on a “yolo” attitude and encourages people to look “for a fun day all eight days of the week” because “one day” isn’t sitting around waiting for you the same way you are sitting around waiting for “one day”

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