The Top 10 Tim McGraw Songs (So Far)

For this week’s Top 10 we take on the daunting task of ranking the Top 10 Tim McGraw songs (so far). For nearly three decades McGraw has been one of country music’s biggest stars, so cutting this down to just 10 of his songs was no easy feat. But, here are the top 10 songs I think of when I think Tim McGraw.

10) Something Like That- This nostalgic tune about reconnecting with a long lost love and all the memories that come rushing back into the mind and heart, because “a heart don’t forget something like that”, is one one of McGraw’s most iconic songs. I mean that Barbeque stain on a white T-shirt may just be the most iconic lyric in any of McGraw’s many hits.

9) Where The Green Grows- This earworm of melodic beauty is an incredible ode to the country lifestyle that McGraw desires instead of the concrete city he is currently stuck in. McGraw expresses his want for the simple things in life instead of the bars on every corner in the city. The terrific instrumentation throughout puts a nice ribbon on top of this incredible song.

8) Just To See You Smile- One of my all time favorite heartbreaks, Just To See You Smile tells the story of a man who’s willing to sacrifice anything just to see his girl smile, even if that means letting her go. The man is so madly in love with her that he’ll even tell her that he’s happy for her when he sees her with her new boyfriend. The maturity the male in the story shows is a theme throughout much of McGraw’s catalog and Just To See You Smile is merely one manifestation of that.

7) Shotgun Rider- Shotgun Rider is a beautiful song in which McGraw professes his love for the girl sitting in the passenger seat. McGraw explains that he can’t even imagine nor does he want to imagine another “shotgun rider” next to him singing along with the radio, as they ride around town.

6) It’s Your Love feat Faith Hill- While Shotgun Rider is beautiful, It’s Your Love is the premier Tim McGraw love song. The harmonies with Faith throughout drive home the touching lyrics in a way that hits the heart of every listener. McGraw and Faith explain to each other that they wouldn’t be the same apart as they are together, and that their relationship has allowed both of them to grow.

5) I Like It, I Love It- Probably the catchiest of all of McGraw’s songs, I Like It I Love It is a light hearted jam about the early stages of a relationship. McGraw’s mind is stuck on this girl to the point where he’s gonna get fired for not showing up to work, before the iconic chorus hits and we learn that McGraw would be just fine should that be the case.

4) My Next 30 Years- Hilarious and poignant my next 30 years is everything fans love about McGraw wrapped in a song. McGraw reflects on his first 30 years and then prognosticates what he expects the next 30 to be like.

3) Real Good Man- Real Good Man presents a fiery take on a very introspective song. McGraw sings about his rough edges and wild side but also about how he has the maturity to be a “real good man” whilst “being a real bad boy”. McGraw has a ton of fun through this brooding track.

2) Humble And Kind- This song, solo written by Lori McKenna is one of a couple standouts in a career littered with standouts. McGraw addresses a child and tells the child that no matter what life throws your way “always stay humble and kind”, the wholesome message coupled with the incredible imagery of McKenna’s writing make this yet another McGraw tearjerker.

1)Don’t Take The Girl- One of the saddest and most moving songs of all time, Don’t Take The Girl takes on through the life journey of a boy named Johnny and the evolving meaning of the phrase Don’t Take The Girl throughout his life. At first the boy begs his father not to take a girl fishing with them, then a ten years later he is on a date with a girl when a “stranger came and pulled a gun” and Johnny begged the mugger to take literally anything of his except the girl. Finally in the last chorus the phrase “don’t take the girl” means something even deeper. In the final verse Johnny’s now wife, is giving birth when the nurse comes out tell Johnny that the baby is fine but his wife is in danger, at which point Johnny begins pleading with Gd not to take the girl and to instead take him. The slow dramatic build of this song adds to the emotion and evolving chorus meaning make this McGraw’s #1 song so far.

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