The Top 10 Keith Urban Songs (So Far)

For this week’s edition of Top 10 Tuesday we are counting down the top 10 Keith Urban songs. Like all of other top 10 lists we’ve made this one was not very easy to settle on.

Let’s Get To It

10) Kiss A Girl (Defying Gravity) (Keith Urban, Monty Powell)- Throughout this upbeat track laments loneliness and expresses his desire to “kiss a girl”. The lose yourself in the moment attitude of the song makes it easy for listeners to get lost and imagine life with no reservations, even if just for a few minutes.

9) The Fighter feat Carrie Underwood (Ripcord) (Keith Urban, Michael Busbee)- One of my favorite duets, these two voices blend together so well on this song about overcoming the fears that come with falling in love. Urban and Underwood reassure each other that they we will always be there for one another throughout this song that is a stunner from both a message and vocal standpoint.

8) Better Life (Be Here) (Keith Urban, Richard Marx)- On Better Life Urban sings about he and his girlfriend working through the rough times and getting to a “better life” once their hard work pays off. Urban acknowledges the struggle to grow but focuses on the pay off for the hard work throughout this poignant song.

7) Sweet Thing (Defying Gravity) (Keith Urban, Monty Powell)- On Sweet Thing Urban is caught reminiscing about the good times in his relationship. Urban focuses on the need to have you now nature of early in the relationship and his vocal drives this incredibly relatable message. And we get some classic Keith guitar to boot!

6) Cop Car (Fuse) (Matt Jenkins, Sam Hunt, Zach Crowell) Cop Car provides yet another incredible example of the nostalgic nature of a lot of Urban’s songs. Cop Car details the story of a couple that got arrested for trespassing while on a date, and in that moment in the back of the cop car the boy realizes he loves this girl. The story is so well written and delivered that it comes across as relatable even to those that haven’t lived this.

5) Somebody Like You (Golden Road) (John M Shanks, Keith Urban)- Somebody Like You tells a story of self forgiveness and a man that is ready to fall in love. Urban beautifully outlines that kind of life he is ready for despite past mistakes. This story of growing up is yet another example of the hyper relatable of Urban’s catalogue.

4) Somewhere In My Car (Fuse) (JT Harding, Keith Urban)- We’re back to a nostalgic, pining Urban imaging himself in his car with his ex and the way they used to be so deep in love, and he’s just riding alone lost in the memory of a former relationship.

3) Long Hot Summer (Get Closer) (Keith Urban, Richard Marx)- LHS works as a sort of prequel to Somewhere In My Car. In this song Urban meets a girl and is imagining spending the summer with her. After seeing this girl Urban can’t imagine spending that summer without her and her “feet up on the dashboard”.

2) Stupid Boy (Love, Pain & The Whole Crazy Thing) (Dave Berg, Deanna Bryant, Sarah Buxton)- Stupid Boy is one of the most pensive, self reflective songs ever and every last note strikes a chord with listeners. Throughout Stupid Boy Urban is blaming himself for wrecking a relationship with his ex over his incessant need to be right and put her down in her order to feel in control. Urban comes to grips with his mistakes in painful, yet beautiful way.

1) You’ll Think Of Me (Golden Road) (Darrell Brown, Dennis Matkosky, Ty Lacy)- One of the most beautifully heartbreaking songs there is, You’ll Think Of Me tells the story of a guy coping with a breakup and giving a girl back all of her belongings and even all of her memories of him. The guy acknowledges that while it may be tough for him now he knows that some day the tables will turn and She’ll think of him once he’s already moved on. This mature take on the often told breakup tale is what sets You’ll Think Of Me apart from the rest of the field.

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