Halle Kearns Hits Homerun With ‘Finally’

It’s ‘Finally’ here! On Friday, Independent artist Halle Kearns released her much anticipated debut EP, Finally. Kearns’ rereleased tracks have received a lot of love on streaming platforms, with Shoes To Fill leading the way with nearly 120k streams on Spotify. This EP reminds me of the early years of Kelsea Ballerini. Kearns uses her incredible voice and incessive songwriting to produce a very impressive debut EP.

Let’s Get To It!

Pick Me Up (Halle Kearns, Spencer Crandall)- The lead track on the EP, Pick Me Up features Kearns cleverly using a double meaning of pick me up to mean both literally picking her up and the emotionally pick me up she gets from spending time with her boyfriend. This track a strong opening to the EP and sets a great and inviting tone for new listeners.

Whatever You Do (Halle Kearns ,Palmer Anthony)- Whatever You Do is another fun song that focuses on escaping life for a little while. Kearns means a guy while on vacation and can’t seem to stop thinking about him. Kearns says that he’s the kind of guy that looks like he’s just there for the weekend but that doesn’t seem to bother her as she’s ‘really getting into’ whatever he does and feels like she’s known him for more than the short time they’ve spent together.

Before He Could (Halle Kearns, Kaylin Roberson, Landon Magee)- Before He Could has quickly become my favorite song on this EP. In this song Kearns takes a more serious tone and tells this very relatable tale extremely well. Kearns sings about the fear of her boyfriend leaving her and breaking her heart, so instead Kearns decides to take ‘the easy route’ and breakup with him instead, thus breaking her own heart before he could. Throughout the song Kearns struggles with her decision and realizes that he’s a good guy that pictured forever with her but she just couldn’t risk him ultimately breaking her heart should it have come to that.

I Drink Whiskey (Buddy Wright, Halle Kearns, Palmer Anthony)- I Drink Whiskey is a witty song in which Kearns reveals that her relationship with her boyfriend makes her drink whiskey, because he ‘drives’ her crazy. Kearns cleverly plays on the theme of lovers driving each other crazy at times and how they drives her to whiskey. Toward the end of the song Kearns flips the scenario around and imagines that he always drinks whiskey because she too drives him crazy. The songwriting on this song is simply fantastic and the production makes it a joy to listen to.

Shoes To Fill (Gary Garris, Halle Kearns, Kaylin Roberson, Morgan Johnston)- One of the most beautiful and emotional songs I’ve heard all year, Shoes To Fill covers Kearns telling her future husband, whoever he may be, that they have ‘big shoes to fill’ as her father has taught her what she deserves in a man. Kearns’ delivery of this incredibly powerful message is beautifully set over a piano and not much else driving home the message of the song and closing the EP on a sincere and deeply emotional note.

You can listen to ‘Finally’ on all streaming services or purchase it on Itunes!

Happy Listening Y’all!

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