The Top 10 Zac Brown Band Songs (So Far)

For today’s Top 10 Tuesday we are ranking the top 10 Zac Brown Band songs (so far). For over a decade, Zac Brown Band has been a premier band in the world of Country Music, so this list was a daunting one to compile.

Let’s get to it!

10) Beautiful Drug (Jekyll & Hyde) (Zac Brown, Niko Moon) This upbeat jam features Zac Brown singing about list for a woman that is not good for him and that he knows will ultimately wreck him. However, Brown is so enthralled by this “Beautiful Drug” that it’s a risk he is more than willing to take. This track featured one of the first, dramatic shift ZBB took towards poppier production, but it works very well driving the message of this song.

9) Knee Deep ft Jimmy Buffet (You Get What You Give) (Coy Bowles, Jeffery Steele, Wyatt Durrette, Zac Brown) Knee Deep is a tremendous example of the fun loving music that often comes from ZBB. Set at the beach Knee Deep is sure to wash your troubles away, at least for a few minutes.

8) Roots (Welcome Home) (Ben Simonetti, Coy Bowles, Niko Moon, Zac Brown) Roots, in my opinion may just be ZBB’s most underrated song. As the album and song title foretell, Roots, is a gorgeous song about never being able to outrun where you’re from. The message of Roots is one the resonates with many regardless of where they may be from.

7) Whatever It Is (Wyatt Durrette, Zac Brown) A beautiful song about not being able to pin down exactly why you’re in love, Whatever It Is shows another side of ZBB’s arsenal. The ability to take often used, even cliched concepts and make the sound fresh and new is an integral part of what makes ZBB so unique.

6) Toes (The Foundation) ( John Driskell Hopkins, Shawn Mullins, Wyatt Durrette, Zac Brown) Beach music at its finest . Much like, Knee Deep, Toes features the theme of escapism and of course the beach. For bonus we even get some Spanish singing in this song.

5) Loving You Easy (Jekyll & Hyde) (Al Anderson, Niko Moon, Zac Brown)- Loving You Easy takes us back to the theme of gorgeous love songs from Zac Brown Band. Loving You Easy contrasts Brown’s personality with that of his love interest, that while he is hard to love she makes loving her “easy”

4) My Old Man (Welcome Home) (Ben Simonetti, Niko Moon, Zac Brown) My Old Man is an emotional song that covers the circle of life. Beginning with Brown paying tribute to his “old man” and ending with Brown hoping that some day his kids will look up to him with the same reverence he looks to his father. Brown outlines the growth he must make to live more like his “old man” and leaves listeners holding back tears throughout.

3) Homegrown (Jekyll & Hyde) (Niko Moon, Wyatt Durrette, Zac Brown) Much like Roots, Homegrown is centered around the homey feeling that we cannot escape. However, as opposed to Roots, where the protagonist is attempting to escape, in Homegrown the protagonist is content with staying where he’s at, with “everything I need and nothing that I don’t”.

2) Chicken Fried (The Foundation) (Wyatt Durrette, Zac Brown) The most iconic ZBB song of all time! Chicken Fried is a song about loving the down home lifestyle of eating fried chicken and drinking cold beer, and also tugs on the heartstrings with an ode to our great servicemen and women that have lost their lives in the struggle to maintain our freedom.

1) Colder Weather (You Get What You Give) (Coy Bowles, Levi Lowery, Wyatt Durrette, Zac Brown) One of my all time favorite songs, Colder Weather, is centered around a man who can’t stay stranded and woman trying to find a way to make it work. The man knowing that he’s better off with the girl but is. “stuck in colder weather” and knowing that by his nature he will never settle down. The apologetic nature of the man is what sets this song apart from the rest of the Cowboy runs away songs. Brown’s sensitive vocal tugs on the heartstrings throughout this emotional song, making it our pick for the #1 pick.

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