Song Of The Year Countdown 40-31

Yesterday, we commenced our year end song of the year countdown with songs 50-41and today we continue our countdown with songs 40-31. A reminder that to be included on this list songs must either haven been released this year or part of a project that was released this year.

Let’s get to it!

40) Break Things- Kylie Morgan (Aaron Eshuis, James McNair, Kylie Morgan, Nicolette Hayford) This fiery anthem about wrecking everything you are close to put Kylie Morgan on the map, amidst this chaotic year. Break Things has amassed north of 11 Million Streams on Spotify and continues to climb. Break Things is Morgan firing her warning shot to a guy that he should know what he is getting into before he gets too close.

39) So Close- Hardy Ft Ashland Craft (Hillary Lindsey, Mark Halman, Michael Hardy) The year of Hardy continued! The powerful vocal of both Hardy and Craft manage to drive home the message of this track about loves near misses, in a way that others cannot. The combination of these two voices alone would be enough to warrant a spot on this list but the writing on the track elevates it to our #39 spot.

38) Things A Man Oughta Know- Lainey Wilson (Jason Nix, Jonathan Singleton, Lainey Wilson) This powerful, heartbreaking song features Wilson singing about all the things she knows how to do that he ex boyfriend “oughta know” The song features incredibly clever writing, and the sensitive, yet strong voice of Wilson tugs on the heartstrings throughout this relatable song. The shining moment of the track is in the bridge when Wilson sings about knowing “how to chase forever down the driveaway” while also knowing how to “never let it get there in the first place”.

37) Cold As You – Luke Combs (Randy Montana, Jonathan Singleton, Luke Combs, Shane Minor) This rocking track is one my all time favorite’s from Combs. Released as part of his deluxe album, What You See Ain’t Always What You Get, Cold As You features the protagonist in a bar finding comfort after a breakup in all the stability the bar has to offer, including “beer almost as cold as you” However, my favorite lyric (maybe of the year) is in the second verse when Combs sings “them cinderblock walls ain’t ever been cleaned, still ain’t as dirty as you done me”.

36) Someone To Fix- Kenny Chesney (Joe Nite, Scooter Carousoe) Someone To Fix is one of my favorite tracks off of Kenny Chesney’s latest album, Here And Now. Someone To Fix is centered around a guy who knows that he is no good for the girl that he is with, as he is “someone to fix”. Throughout the chorus Chesney marvelously outlines everything that the girl had said that she wants and how he is decidedly none of that.

35) Young Man’s Blues- Parker McCollum (Randy Montana, Parker McCollum) Young Man’s Blues is a nostalgic track about going home and wondering what your hometown legacy encompasses. McCollum sings about wanting to escape his hometown roots and the girl that broke his heart but he can’t seem to shake these “young man’s blues”. The most touching moment in the song is when McCollum ponders “whether they even remember (my) name”.

34) My Boy- Elvie Shane (Elvie Shane, Lee Starr, Nick Columbia, Russell Sutton) My Boy is Shane’s ode to stepfathers and stand in fathers. Shane sings about how even if his stepson is not biologically his,he will always be his son despite any moments he may have missed earlier in his life. . This song is one of the most emotional, and genuine songs I’ve heard all year, and is an absolute gem.

33) Giving You Up- Kameron Marlowe (Kameron Marlowe) Kameron Marlowe is one of country music’s budding stars. Giving You Up is possibly the finest example of why. Throughout the track Marlowe bemoans the fact that his ex is suddenly attempting to be a part of his life again. Marlowe maintains his conviction that they are through by remembering that he’s given up “whiskey on ice” and “Marlboro lights” so too he has the resolve to give up his ex.

32) Dream, Girl- Hailey Whitters (Dustin Christensen, Hailey Whitters) Dream, Girl is a sparkling moment on the stellar debut album Whitters released in January. The up-tempo track features Whitters delivering a message to either a younger self, or another girl that was let down by a guy. Whitters explains to the girl that she is someone else’s dream, girl. The comma in the title is an example of the genius of Whitters to personalize this song as a message to someone as opposed to a broader statement. This specificity adds to the emotion of the track. Whitters’ clear tone delivers this message in a spectacular way.

31) Drunk Or Lonely- Maddie & Tae (Derric Rutan, Forest Glen Whitehead, Maddie Marlow, Taylor Dye) Drunk Or Lonely is one of my favorite songs Maddie & Tae have ever put out, and I hope it gets to be a single some day. Drunk Or Lonely is centered around a girl receiving a drunk text from her ex and knowing exactly what he is up to. The girl understands that it may be easy to simply fall back in his arms but just because he is sending this text while either drunk or lonely it doesn’t dismiss the past or show the true character change necessary to move past his past wrong doings. The writing in this track is a standout on an album full of standout songwriting. Drunk Or Lonely is also an incredible example of why Maddie & Tae are the best harmonizers in country music bar none.

Songs 30-21 on our year end countdown are coming your way tomorrow.

Happy Listening Y’all

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