Lexie Hayden Shines On Latest EP

On Friday, on the rise Country artist, Lexie Hayden released her second EP, You Heard Right. Throughout, the EP, Hayden allows her clear and powerful voice to tell the journey of her love life. Hayden’s clear tone coupled with the excellent songwriting makes You Heard Right a very interesting and intriguing listen.

So let’s get to it!

You Heard Right (Derek George, Lexie Hayden) On the title track Hayden tells the story of moving on after a breakup and her ex hearing the news through the grapevine. When her ex questions whether the rumors are true, Hayden confirms that ‘you heard right’ and that she was never even all that broken up about him in the first place singing ‘my heart barley skipped a beat’. Hayden’s ability to tell an authentic tale of what is often used as a coping mechanism is a truly a shining moment on this EP

Wish You Would’ve Cheated (Derek George, Lexie Hayden, Palmer Lee)- On Wish You Would’ve Cheated, Hayden tells the story of her attempt to get over her ex and her looking for a reason to hate him and make this task simpler. Wish You Would’ve Cheated reminds me of a softer, less intense version of Tyler Braden’s “Thank Me For That”. Hayden delivers a stellar vocal on Wish You Would’ve Cheated making it one of the EP’s best songs.

Relit Cigarette (Derek George, Lexie Hayden, Monty Criswell)- On the fan favorite, Relit Cigarette a heartbroken Hayden attempts to get back with her ex before realizing that the “relit cigarette don’t taste the same” meaning that the retry of the same old relationship will never burn the way it initially did. Hayden realizing this delivers a somber, powerful moment with Relit Cigarette.

Go To (Adam James, Lexie Hayden, Stone Ailelli)- Go To offers a different side of Hayden. On Go To, Hayden play the part of a girl madly in love in the honeymoon stage of a relationship. Hayden refers to the guy as her “go to” and compares him to “whiskey on the rocks” and the “jeans (I) Slip On”, Hayden’s ability to articulately tell the story brings this song to the next level.

Somewhere Drinking (Chuck Jones, Derek Jones, Lexie Hayden)- Somewhere Drinking takes us back to a broken-hearted Hayden, sitting in a bar drinking. Hayden is wondering aloud and hoping that her ex is somewhere else drinking about her the way she is about him. Hayden cleverly replaces thinking with drinking to drive home the message of the song.

Sad Songs (Lexie Hayden, Michael White)- Sad Songs offers the Hayden’s best use of imagery on the EP. On Sad Songs, Hayden is comparing her Ex to the music she’s been hearing and what makes her think of him. Hayden gets false security hearing happy songs and that make her forget about her ex but on the way home she heard the sad song that always puts him back in her mind. Hayden’s soaring vocal makes Sad Songs a stellar song on a stellar EP.

Don’t Take Your Time (Chuck Jones, Lexie Hayden)- Don’t Take Your Time brings us back to Hayden madly in love in the early stages of a relationship. Hayden doesn’t want him to waste any time coming over. Hayden wants him to pretend he’s a cop “turning on the blue eyes” to get to her faster”. The need you right now attitude of, Don’t Take Your Time helps showcase the diversity of this EP and once again Hayden seals it with another incredible vocal.

Happy Listening Y’all

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