Morgan Wallen Shows Off Some Of His Many Sides In Latest 3-pack

On Friday. Morgan Wallen released three tracks from his much anticipated sophomore Album, titled Dangerous- The Double Album. These three songs show Wallen as an artist going through the natural maturation process, while still harkening back to some of the themes that made his debut album so successful for the country superstar.

Still Goin’ Down (Morgan Wallen) – Still Goin’ Down is a fiery track in which Wallen sings of the pride he has in his upbringing, regardless of what anyone else may think about where he comes from. Still Goin’ Down is reminiscent of songs from Wallen’s first album, such as, The Way I Talk, and Talkin’ Tennessee, in all three of these songs Wallen gives an impassioned defense of his upbringing to those that may not have grown up the same and often times sneer at folks like Wallen. This prideful theme resonates with Wallen’s fans and his raspy delivery help drive home the message in this self written track

Somebody’s Problem (Ernest Keith Smith, Jacob Durrett, Morgan Wallen, Rodney Clawson)- Somebody’s Problem is my early favorite of the three songs Wallen put out on Friday. Somebody’s Problem features Wallen who unexpectedly finds himself ready for love. The concept of the song, which is based around Wallen falling in love with “Somebody’s Problem” is top notch, Throughout the chorus Wallen cleverly refers to his love interest by what she is to others, from “somebody’s last call number that they can’t find” to ” somebody’s reason for leaving on the porch light before beautifully concluding “somebody’s problem’s about to mine” Wallen’s delivery of this slow tempo track shows a side of Wallen that wasn’t present on his first album, but he more than manages to deliver a great vocal to this incredibly well written song.

Livin’ The Dream (Ben Burgess, Jacob Durrett, Michael Hardy, Morgan Wallen)- The most talked about of the three new tracks, Livin’ The Dream features a pensive, reflective Wallen struggling with the glamorous appearance that superstardom gives off to the world, while in reality Wallen is struggling to find happiness. Wallen explains that while “there’s a stranger in the mirror, but according to the pictures” he’s “a Rockstar in and out of cop cars”, and Wallen is trying to reconcile that this supposed dream has had such a detrimental impact on his life, yet to the rest of the world he appears to be “Livin’ The Dream”. The most poignant moment of the song is toward the end of the chorus wherein a remorseful, guilt ridden Wallen realizes that his complaints about the “dream” will be perceived as ungrateful, yet Wallen feels the urge to let it out anyway concluding ” y’all it ain’t as good as it seems, this livin’ the dream is killin’ me”. Wallen’s vocal effectively conveys the emotional message behind the song, and leaves behind a lasting impression as we await his new album.

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