Kameron Marlowe Serves Notice With Debut EP

Budding Country Star Kameron Marlowe put the country world on notice Friday, when he released his self titled debut EP. The former voice contestant has seen success in the streaming world, with his debut single, Giving You Up amassing north of 27 million streams on Spotify. So without further adieu, let’s get to the EP!

Giving You Up (Kameron Marlowe)

The aforementioned Giving You Up serves as the first song on the EP. In the self written track Marlowe sings about a lost relationship with a girl who keeps trying to reenter his life, despite the fact that she’s the one that ended their relationship in the first place. In the chorus Marlowe maintains his fortitude by comparing giving up his ex to “giving up Marlboro lights” and “whiskey one ice”. Brad Hills’s production on this track is nice and subdued and allows Marlowe’s groveling voice to shine throughout.

Sober as a Drunk (J.T Harding, Justin Wilson, Marv Green)

The theme of Marlowe and an ex is present on this track as well. However, this time instead of being strong and letting go, Marlowe is coping with losing her by claiming he’s fine, yet admitting he is hurting. Marlowe attempts to hide his hurt by using oxymorons throughout the chorus. Marlowe sings “I’m as sober as a drunk, I’m as high as rock bottom, Free as a man with his hands handcuffed to the bar hoping you walk in” Marlowe compares his mental state to the clarity of a cloud and claims he’s “as happy a teardrop”. Marlowe effectively portrays a man barely hanging onto the pride that comes with claiming that your fine.

Goin’ There Today (Dan Isbell, Drew Parker, Reid Isbell)

We got ourselves a Drew Parker cut!

In Goin’ There Today Marlowe has moved on from claiming that he’s fine and is now trying to avoid going places that remind him of his ex. In the verses Marlowe sings of the coffee shop that they used to go to every Sunday and the music they used to listen to in his truck, before concluding that he “don’t feel like going there today”. In the chorus once again uses exquisite imagery to describe what he’s feeling, and just what he’d feel if he went where doesn’t want go. Marlowe sings ” If I do I’ll see you looking like the chorus of a country song t-shirt tied up ballcap on” and the memories “in the bed of my truck underneath the stars” before concluding “I don’t feel like going there today”

Burn ‘Em All (Aaron Eshuis, Brinley Addington, Joey Hyde, Kameron Marlowe)

The fiery track features Marlowe singing about he and his girl leaving their problems behind at least for one night. In the chorus Marlowe sings about burning everything from money to cigarettes in this one night reckless escape from their lives. Burn ‘Em All also portrays a different side of Marlowe, instead of the emotional side shown throughout the EP, in Burn ‘Em All, Marlowe plays the role of a rebel wanting to break all the rules.

Hungover (Aaron Eshusis, Joe Clemmons, Kameron Marlowe, Matthew Gatewood)

We’re back to Marlowe trying to forget his ex. On this song Marlowe describes himself as “a little hungover and hanging on” and that he’s “right back where I (he) started from”. Marlowe sings of tequila and lime and the need of “something strong” to allow him to pretend he’s alright with where he is in life. This song allows Marlowe’s raspy voice to shine and really bring extra meaning and emotion to the lyrics.

Leavin’ To Me (Kameron Marlowe, Kyle James)

This slow, somber track has quickly become a favorite off of this Ep. Marlowe, once again heartbroken is stuck in a toxic relationship with a girl that cheated on him, yet Marlowe doesn’t want to be the one to say goodbye. Marlowe recognizes that there relationship doesn’t have much juice left, but he “wasn’t made for giving up” therefore he won’t commit to ending their relationship, Marlowe pleads with her to do the leaving as she already broke his heart. Marlowe fears that if he does the leaving that he’ll be seen as the bad guy despite the fact that she cheated on him. Marlowe concludes the Ep with an emotional appeal to her to not make him be the “bad guy “and to asking her to set him free before climatic concluding with “don’t leave don’t leave don’t leave leavin’ to me”

Throughout the Ep Marlowe does an incredible job playing a heart broke fool going through the different stages of coping following a breakup. Marlowe seems destined to become a star the industry and we look forward to hearing even more from him.

Happy Listening Y’all!

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