Luke Combs Reminds Us Why He Is Country’s Premier Act With What You See Ain’t Always What You Get

On Friday Luke Combs released his highly anticipated deluxe album What You See Ain’t Always What You Get. The deluxe edition features five new tracks from Combs and each track displays why Combs is at the top of the country mountain these days. Let’s dive in!

The first new track on the album is titled Without You and features Amanda Shires, who plays the fiddle throughout the track. Combs sings about giving the credit fir success to those that helped him get here. The first verse is dedicated to his parents and opens with Combs singing ” Dad sold every record he ever owned Floyd and Zeppelin Beatles Stones a lifetime of music gone just to get me through” before Combs sings of his mom who “always had her second job gone with the sun til 6 o’clock”. The first verse is reminiscent of the title track off Combs’ debut This One’s For You where Combs also notes the sacrifices his parents made to get him to where he is today. In the second verse Combs heaps praise on his now wife Nicole saying ” I’d give it all up just to keep your love but you wouldn’t let me ’cause you care too much ’bout me watching me watch my dreams all come true”. Finally, in the third verse Combs sings of his adoring fans that ” worked overtime to buy those tickets”. The theme of giving credit where Combs’ feels it’s done resents.

The Other Guy- is a song set in a bar where Combs runs into his ex girlfriend and is able to put on a brave face and look as if he’s doing fine. However, in the chorus Combs reveals that “You should see the other guy that’s missing you late at night he’s wishing you would come back home girl he can’t move on”. The Other Guy is a unique twist on the classic guy runs into ex song that we have all heard a thousand times, yet it is that twist that makes Combs such a special artist.

Cold As You- Another dandy wherein Combs plays the “broke heart fool on an old barstool”. A recently dumped Combs spends the first verse vividly describing the bar in terms such as ” junked out joint off a backroad blinkin’ window sign with an arrow”, before proceeding to that “when guys like me lose girls like you that’s where we run to”. Cold As You features my favorite chorus on the album as a raspy sounding Combs belts out that he is ” a broke heart fool on an old barstool drinking beer almost as cold as you”. Showing that even the coldest beer in town cannot measure the icy feeling left from his ex. Cold As You also features my favorite lyric on the record when Combs sings “them cinder block walls ain’t ever been cleaned still ain’t as dirty as you done me”.

My Kinda Folk- Is an upbeat track wherein Combs remarks lovingly of his kinda folk. This track encompasses the work hard play hard mentality that Combs has sung throughout his career, and is yet another joins songs like What You See Is What You Get and Does To Me where Combs is unashamed to be himself, and live kind of life he lives. The chorus describes the small town ethos of buying “beer on Friday” and getting “right on Saturday night” before showing up on time to work on Monday. However, my favorite lyric on this one is “there oughta be a law against working this and still having this much fun” which really encompasses the essence of who Luke Combs is.

Forever After All- Finally the song that has been a fan favorite since Combs first teased a snipet of it about a month ago, and boy did it live up to the hype. Forever After All is basically a down the line version of Combs’ current single Better Together. In the verses Forever After All lists things in life that tend to flame out or wear out over time. Combs lists everything from cold beer and its 12 oz to the fact that a first love rarely works out and how this has led him to beleive that nothing, no matter how good lasts forever…… and then the chorus hits

They Say Nothing Lasts Forever 
But They Ain't Seen Us Together
 Or The Way The Moonlight Dances In Your Eyes
 Just a T-Shirt In The Kitchen 
With No Makeup And A Million Other Things 
That I Could Look At My Whole Life 
A Love Like That Makes A Man Have Second Thoughts
Maybe Somethings Last Forever After All

Happy Listening Y’all

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